Hosting Pacific Enterprise Solutions Limited Successfully Managed Nigeria's e-Citibiz portal project

The recently launched e-Citibiz portal has already created waves with experts calling it a highly customizable and industry standard organizational operation system.

e-Citibiz, as the name suggests, is a platform that is designed to simplify and revolutionise the application of information technology for easy exchange of information and services with citizens, businesses and other arms of government.

The project was exclusively managed by Hosting pacific enterprise solutions limited for Citizenship and Business (C&B) department of Federal Ministry of Interior, it is meant to electronically capture and pivot, all aspects of the operations and workflow for the Nigerian Government.

Considering the already raging success of the portal, The Minister of Interior, Abba Moro, has asked the companies in the country with approved expatriate quota to migrate to e-citibiz web portal before April 30.

This a rare occasion where a Public Private Partnership (PPP) by a government agency with private IT firm has materialized and produced results in such a short duration. But its no surprise, since this project managed by Hosting pacific enterprise solutions limited is expected to soon revolutionize and effectively benefit not just small and big businesses but also the Nigerian citizens immensely.

Some such benefits are stated below:

  • eCitibiz, due to its highly customized nature, facilitates ministry's Naturalization and Expatriate quota management, solving the previous challenges faced by the department thereby effectively improving the speed and functionality of the system.
  • By making the application process entirely electronic, it provides the applicants with easy access to the status of their applications via multiple channels - SMS and Web and also eliminates paper process for the department.
  • In turn, by turning the process electronic, e-Citibiz project further eliminates and hinders cases of fake documentation, forged receipts as well as fake approvals, and other related sharp practices, both from within and without.
  • By offering real-time information, e-Citibiz, enables the government Fiscal policies and enforcement of key decisions without delay. This will stir a change in the entire functioning with better monitoring and control system that ultimately guides the government in attaining best goals and hinders abuse.
  • In addition, e-Citibiz empowers the companies by not only simplifying the application procedure but also gives them access to previously impossible non-security information like the Naturalization and Expatriate quota administration guidelines.
  • The critics often sight hacking issues with online processes such as these. However, Hosting pacific enterprise solutions limited's e-Citibiz ensures foremost confidentiality as well as absolute safety of internal information and restricted data from unauthorized persons thanks to the online replacement of manual file handling and remarks of relevant authorities.
  • Due to its online secure nature, e-Citibiz also enhances government's Internal Revenue Generation (IGR) greatly by allowing for transparent and self accountable revenue management through the portal access income by forestalling loss of revenue through internal sharp practices.
  • Not only that, it will also provide assistance to relevant states' authority (SIRS) to boost their IGR by collaborating with the department to electronically obtain the authentic list of expatriates granted to companies operating in their states.
  • Over the last decade, Nigeria has faced challenges due to the influx of some foreign nationals. In this regard, by enabling the department to keep a check on foreigners' activities e-Citibiz, provides access to shared services platform in terms of management information and inter-ministerial, departmental and agency interaction and collaborations that effectively helps combat this problem.
  • e-Citibiz would also create employment opportunities through responsible enforcement of Nigerianization of expatriate positions by their Nigerian understudies and therefore, promote transfer of knowledge for sustained self development is guaranteed.

e-Citibiz, without a doubt will pave way to a new era of self-reliant and transparent system, a pioneering project that in high probabilities would be replicated by other countries.

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